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Codeigniter Updates to 2.1.2


CodeIgniter 2.1.1 Released

Updated: At 3pm PT on June 29th, 2.1.2 was released with a security fix for xss_clean().

Updated: At 4pm PT on June 13th this was re-tagged in the repository.

It has been a few months since CodeIgniter 2.1.0 has been released and since that time lots of development work has been going into the “develop” branch on GitHub towards the new and improved 3.0. Progress has been great and now we have Unit Testing, PDO drivers, improvements to the Query Builder (no longer called Active Record), performance tweaks and all sorts of other new features.

While 3.0.0 is still a few months away from a stable release, we’re pleased to announce CodeIgniter 2.1.1, with a few bug fixes and tweaks. It’s not going to blow you away, but it does mean a more stable CodeIgniter is now available.

  • Improved MIME type detection in the File Uploading Library.
  • url_title()performance and output improved. You can now use any string as the word delimiter. Backwards compatible with ‘dash’ or ‘underscore’ as words delimiters.
  • Added support for IPv6 IP addresses.
  • A wrong array key was used in the Upload library to check for mime-types.
  • form_open() compared $action against site_url() instead of base_url()
  • CI_Upload::_file_mime_type() could’ve failed if mime_content_type() is used for the detection and returns FALSE.
  • Windows paths were ignored when using the Image Manipulation Class to create a new file.
  • When database caching was enabled, $this->db->query() checked the cache before binding variables which resulted in cached queries never being found.
  • CSRF cookie value was allowed to be any (non-empty) string before being written to the output, making code injection a risk.
  • PDO put a ‘dbname’ argument in it’s connection string regardless of the database platform in use, which made it impossible to use SQLite.
  • CI_DB_pdo_result::num_rows() was not returning properly value with SELECT queries, cause it was relying on PDOStatement::rowCount().
  • CI_Image_lib::clear() was not correctly clearing all necessary object properties, namely width and height.
  • Active Record’sfrom()method didn’t escape table aliases.

Take a look at the the Upgrade Guide to see how to upgrade from previous versions. This is a pretty simple update which does not have any API-breaking changes, so you should not have problems moving your 2.1.0 applications to this. If you are storing IP addresses in your database you may need to enlarge those columns to hold the longer IPv6 format.

Download it now or check it out at GitHub.

CodeIgniter 2.1.0 Updates

Php/mysql have been my server side language and and database of choice since 1998.I have looked in and used a few frameworks and cms like Zend PHP Frameworks with Manegto, and CakePhp , WordPress, Drupal and Joomla! that are all on based /built with those languages. My newest friend is CodeIgniter from our friends at ellislabs. Ellislabs  also created Expression Engine and MojoMotor.

  • General Changes
    • Fixed a potential parameter injection flaw in the Security Library and strengthened the XSS filter for HTML5 vulnerabilites.
    • Callback validation rules can now accept parameters like any other validation rule.
    • Added html_escape() to the Common functions to escape HTML output for preventing XSS easliy.
  • Helpers
    • Addedincrement_string()to String Helper to turn “foo” into “foo-1″ or “foo-1″ into “foo-2″.
    • Altered form helper – made action on form_open_multipart helper function call optional. Fixes (#65)
    • url_title()will now trim extra dashes from beginning and end.
    • Improved speed of String Helper‘s random_string() method
  • Database
    • Added a CUBRID driver to the Database driver. Thanks to the CUBRID team for supplying this patch.
    • Added a PDO driver to the Database driver.
    • Typecast limit and offset in the Database driver to integers to avoid possible injection.
    • Added additional option ‘none’ for the optional third argument for $this->db->like() in the Database driver.
    • Added $this->db->insert_batch() support to the OCI8 (Oracle) driver.
  • Libraries
    • Changed $this->cart->insert() in the Cart library to return the Row ID if a single item was inserted successfully.
    • Added support to set an optional parameter in your callback rules of validation using the Form Validation library.
    • Added a Migration library to assist with applying incremental updates to your database schema.
    • Driver children can be located in any package path.
    • Addedis_uniqueto the Form Validation library.
    • Added $config['use_page_numbers'] to the Pagination library, which enables real page numbers in the URI.
    • Added TLS and SSL Encryption for SMTP.
  • Core
    • Changed private functions in URI library to protected so MY_URI can override them.
    • RemovedCI_COREboolean constant from CodeIgniter.php (there are no longer different Reactor and Core versions).

Tech Cruch:Mr. Keen on HTML5, Today.

adobe is killing Flash video on mobile????

A Holy Sh!t message from Adobe. Adobe is killing flash on mobile. From our friends at the Wired.Long live HTML5 video and Yes, Steve was right.

firefox 8.0 is out.Kindle fire is due out on the 15th.

Some would say I’m a early adapter, because I love the newest and hottest thing. I just think tec is old as soon as you get it so why wait for an old thing. it was not that long ago that firefox 4.0 came out and the Kindle v.1., getting the free browser is a cheap way to stray current. so what new?
Newest Web Technologies

Site authors and developers will love Firefox’s new and enhanced functionalities. If creating advanced content and applications gets you excited, Firefox is the best browser choice. Learn more.

WebSockets open the door to instantaneous two-way communications between Firefox and Web servers. This makes it easier for developers to build real-time messaging applications and HTML5 games on the Web that are more responsive and interactive than ever before.
Upgrading Forms

Make annoying form implementation development a thing of the past. Firefox-integrated form features like list attributes and HTML validation provide the tools you need.
WebM and HD Video

As pioneers of HTML5 video standards, Firefox also supports the WebM format so you can watch open HD-quality video.

Firefox includes an HTML5-ready parser. This parser brings with it some new capabilities, most notably inline SVG, but also improves performance by running the parsing algorithm on its own processor.

Firefox includes an early version of IndexedDB to give developers a first look at experimenting with local storage in the browser.
Next-Generation Graphics

You have to see it to believe it. Thanks to our upgraded graphics engine, the rendering of text and graphics, including SVG and Canvas, is faster and sharper than ever before. Firefox automatically color-corrects images (like your digital photos) to make sure the colors are exactly as their data intended.

One of our new, built-in developer tools, Scratchpad lets you build and test snippets of JavaScript code right in the browser, saving you time and precious keystrokes.
Enhanced File API

With added support for .click() to the File upload control, .slice and file API urls, Firefox allows developers to better customize the file upload experience.
Stylin’ Pages with CSS3

Support for new CSS3 features like border-radius, box-shadow and other Transitions, Animations and Transformations makes it easy to add elegant animations to Web pages
Audio API

Firefox is changing the way media is integrated on the Web. HTML5 makes it easy for developers to use JavaScript to read and write audio data. We’ve exposed the raw audio data so you can create great sounds!
Multi-touch Support

Firefox now integrates multi-touch support for Windows 7, enabling you to interact with your browser in a whole new way.
Web Console

Want to know what makes cutting-edge sites tick? Firefox allows you to peek under the hood of dynamic web pages with this experimental analysis tool.

Better Web standards support….
as for the kindle fire, I’m just waiting to see. but it’s price point is set to force a price changes for tablets device with free internet access. my guess the new magic number will near it’s price of only $199.00. Apple will need to act on this, by maybe coming out with a new device (smaller cheaper Ipad) at that price or changing the price of it Ipad product.